Tiny Bird Garden

Hello coders, gamers, and other entertainers! I have returned with a new top tech item and this time it is an app. Now personally, I only have a couple of apps that I play and keep for years at a time. I’m not joking, you won’t believe how long ‘Temple Run’ has been on my phone. However,  ‘Tiny Bird Garden’ has just made it into my app hall of fame.  And yes, the app is as cute as it sounds.


“Tiny Bird Garden is a “bird collecting game” where the player customizes a garden space for birds to visit and enjoy”(TinyBirdGarden). Basically, it’s a game where you can befriend over 70 different tiny birds with all of their whacky, adorable personalities by decorating your garden with different toys and treats. Your job is to make your garden the talk of the town- or nest and make sure all your tiny friends have a great time. Plus the birds are still active in the game even when you’re not playing. Talk about cool.

Behind the App

If you’re still not convinced you should download this game, check out the creator of it, Daisy Ein. Daisy saw the lack of people of color in main roles in games and decided to do something about it. The cast of human characters you meet during the game feature people of color who each help you along during your ‘Tiny Bird Garden’ journey.   Reading that fact alone, drew me to the app. Daisy and her team tackled an overseen issue with creativity, positivity, and adorable creatures.


I highly recommend you go out and download this app. ‘Tiny Bird Garden’ is a recently released indie game that is also completely free. Usually, free apps can be pretty hit or miss, but this is definitely one of the good ones. I’ve had the pleasure of talking to Daisy herself and she is one of the sweetest people ever. Check out her app site at ‘Tiny Bird Garden.com” and let me know how you enjoy it. Until next time, keep calm and stay coding.

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