Tiny Bird Garden Deluxe

Hello coders, gamers, and other entertainers, I’m the LME and I’m back with an exciting new release. If you were reading my blog during the summer, you would remember a game I reviewed called ‘Tiny Bird Garden’. It was a super cute app that allowed you to  interact with tiny birds that have their own personalities and appearances and build a custom garden for them. Recently the developers behind the game have released a deluxe version of ‘Tiny Bird Garden’ and when I heard about this, I was so excited. So today, I am going to be giving my review of ‘Tiny Bird Garden Deluxe’ and its standout features.


Tiny Bird Garden Deluxe is an expanded version of the game with additional gameplay features, exclusive items, mini games, and widescreen display, for Windows/PC and Mac.(TinyBirdGarden).” This also includes a larger garden, so you can interact with more birds at once and more ways to customize your garden to make it unique to you. The deluxe game also includes a bunch of new features that fit really well into the game. 

Story Mode

I mentioned in my previous review that I really enjoyed the cast of human characters that were present in the game, because they were so diverse and they actually had a role in the game. Well the developers took that aspect of the game and vastly expanded it. Now in story mode, you get to see the characters’ personalities and how they interact with each other. The characters seem really realistic and fleshed out. I could relate to each of the characters in some aspect and that was quite refreshing.


When I was in the 6th grade, I had a Nintendo DS game called ‘My Baby Girl’ where you would name, raise, and take care of a baby girl. I distinctly remember this being one of my favorite games growing up. So when I saw, that I could raise my own tiny bird and watch it grow up in real time, I was pumped. In the Nursery, you get to choose an egg which will then hatch into a tiny bird for you to take care of by feeding, washing, and petting it. My bird’s name is Tsingy and she is the cutest thing. I feel like a proud bird mom already even though she hasn’t done anything yet.


“Tiny Bird Garden Deluxe” also includes mini-games that include both the tiny birds and the human cast. My personal favorite is ‘Tiny Bird Drop’ where you try to catch falling fruit as fast as you can and deliver it the tiny birds and it is addicting. My second favorite game is ‘BirdiePuzzle’, which is perfect for people who like ‘CandyCrush’.


I highly recommend you go out and buy this game on Steam. It’s only $6.99 and that is a great deal for a game that has had this much thought put into the characters and the artwork. I’ve talked to the creator of ‘Tiny Bird Garden’, Daisy Ein in past, but recently found out that she created this game with her husband which is incredibly heartwarming. If you want to find out more information on the game or buy some merch from them check out “TinyBirdGarden.com” and let me know how you enjoy it. Until then, keep calm, keep coding, and have a happy holiday.

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