If you’re new to coding, looking online for resources can be a little overwhelming. I mean there are thousands upon thousands of both free and paid resources to help future developers and it can get overwhelming. So to help you avoid the sea of binary panic that’s threatening to wash over you at any minute, I’ve complied a list of my favorite and most used resources. While all of these may not work for everybody, they’ve worked for me so far. 

freeCodeCamp is an online web development and learning platform that uses exercises and projects to help its users learn different front-end languages. This site can help people from complete beginners to people working in the industry. They also post a bunch of informative and motivational articles written by their users. And as its name implies, it’s completely free to use. 

Udemy is an online platform that has tons of free and affordable premium courses that you can buy to help you along on your coding journey. Imagine it as the Netflix of the tech world. If you do wanna take a look at their catalog I would recommend ‘The Web Developer Bootcamp’ by Colt Steele and ‘Modern Javascript from the Beginning’ by Brad Traversy. While neither of these courses are free, they are really affordable(this is coming from a poor college student) and the site always has sales.

Quick note, this is actually the first online resource I ever used to learn code. Udacity has a great database of courses and nanodegree programs that teach you everything from app development to AI comprehension and business analysis. I will admit, their paid classes are a little bit of an investment and I’ve only done the free ones. However, all of their courses are really high quality. Plus the projects you make could be put on a portfolio. 

Codecademy is a resource that allows you to learn specific languages one at a time based on your goals. Some of the avaliable languages include Javascript, Python, Java and SQL just to name a few. If you want to take your learning a step further or want a  more structured plan they have learning paths for their premium members.

My first computer science professor showed me the beauty of tech channels on Youtube and I don’t know why more people don’t use it. There are so many great developers who have Youtube channels where they teach people about the industry and do tutorials for free! After you’re done type in “coding tutorials” and your mind will be blown. Look out for my future post on my top 20 tech Youtube channels.

I just discovered this site literally a month ago and it has already been so helpful in my career development and learning. CodingPhase is a site run by a self-taught developer named Joe Santos Garcia who has 38+ courses on his site to help people break into the industry. He has some free courses and some paid courses. There is even a plan where you can have access to all of the courses on the site for only $20 a month. What I love about his courses is that Joe is not afraid to make a mistake in his code and go back and fix it. He shows it all and proves that even people in the industry can make mistakes and get stuck. And that is really refreshing.


This is a site that I only discovered recently, but it’s something that I wish I had discovered during college because it would have saved me so much time. Resume Builder takes all the hassle of creating a perfect-looking and sounding resume by giving you an easy template to fill out based on whatever job you’re looking for. They have templates for a bunch of different fields such as computer science, arts & design, business, and even ones for recent graduates. And the best part is that it’s completely free! Talk about a great deal.