Tiny Bird Garden Deluxe

Hello coders, gamers, and other entertainers, I’m the LME and I’m back with an exciting new release. If you were reading my blog during the summer, you would remember a game I reviewed called ‘Tiny Bird Garden’. It was a super cute app that allowed you to  interact with tiny birds that have their own …

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Tiny Bird Garden

Hello coders, gamers, and other entertainers! I have returned with a new top tech item and this time it is an app. Now personally, I only have a couple of apps that I play and keep for years at a time. I’m not joking, you won’t believe how long ‘Temple Run’ has been on my …

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College, Imposters, and TedTalks

Saying that college is stressful is like saying that water is wet . It’s something that everybody expects going in, but it always surpasses everybody’s expectations. It’s like that one jump scare that you know is coming, but it still scares you anyway. There are also some aspects of college that you don’t expect to …

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